Comments: Better when you can see them

The commenting system is getting an upgrade tonight. By popular demand, we are adding a comment counter to our news postings that will be included in the eNewsletter so you know what news articles are getting the most comments and can join in on the conversation without having to check the site again and again.

Special thanks to Kim Goings at Level Five Solutions for getting this pushed out so quickly.

 Oh, I almost forgot. We also bumped the character limitation on comments from 500 to 1000, so you have more room to say what you want.

First Time To 100k

Some cool news today! eNeighbors reached 100,000 page views for the first time in the month of January.

Total page views was 115,711. Previously our best month was around 80,000 page views. We’ve signed up a bunch of new neighborhoods in the last few months which has been driving our traffic up.

We are starting to close in on some landmark statistics both around traffic/usage as well as application content within the neighborhood sites themselves. As our product gets more and more exposure in communities across the country, we are looking forward to exponential growth this year.

If you would like to get your neighborhood online with eNeighbors, you can find out more here.