Fatdoor Funding

Some good progress being made over at Fatdoor today. Sounds like they got a new CEO as well as some investment funding. It’s great to see social networking initiatives in the local neighborhood space getting recognition and traction.

This just further proves that the space is viable and relevant. With the never-ending supply of social networking options these days, it’s getting really tough to focus on the right networks and web apps that give a postive return to the user both online and offline.

Greg Sterling and TechCrunch both comment as well.

When you move, what’s the first thing that you do?

Join the neighborhood website…of course. We received the following email from a family moving into one of our neighborhoods: (edited for privacy)

My family and I are moving to Lionsgate at the end of next week from MN. We would like to receive a pin number in order to be able to access all neighborhood events. We would also like to register for the December Luminary Event but we need to have our pin number before we do that. Would you please assist us in getting registered as a member of this community?

I love to hear how our website is making new connections.

This email also points out the good part of requiring a PIN to register. (If you’re not familiar with our PIN registration process, you can read all about it on our website.) First, it provides a way of keeping track of people moving in and out of the neighborhood. And it also ensures privacy inside of the neighborhood, which makes residents feel more comfortable with sharing information, whether that be a phone number or a classified posting.