TEDx in Boulder was awesome!

I attended TEDx in Boulder Colorado tonight. Andrew Hyde and company put together an amazing list of 22 speakers that covered a wide range of talks from “What makes things funny?” to “The Value of Energy Efficiency”.

My favorite talk (and I think the crowd favorite) was Brad Feld’s talk on his “Quarterly Week Off the Grid” – a simple idea that he credits to saving his marriage where he and his wife completely disconnect from the world (no phone/no email/etc) and go on vacation. I brought my wife to the event and needless to say she was a huge fan of the concept. I also got a chance to introduce myself to Brad who is a super nice guy.

If you don’t know TED you should start watching the talks now. I watch two talks from TED every day over lunch. I find them incredibly valuable to opening my mind to new ideas and gaining exposure to areas that I otherwise would never have access to.

UPDATE: Photos of the event are now online.

UPDATE 2: Video of Brad’s talk is now online.