eNewsletter & Local Advertising

It’s been a long time everyone… we’ve been hard at work with heads down these past couple months but wanted to let you all know about some new changes we’ve rolled out.

1. eNewsletter – NEW & IMPROVED!
If you are currently an eNeighbors user then you probably have already seen the new newsletter in your inbox this week. We have some great new features for you:

  • News and Events now have more date info
  • Events that require you to RSVP will now include the registration link
  • Groups now shows how many members are in the group
  • Classifieds now shows when they were posted as well as the photo
  • Added a Community Feedback link for easier access to communicate with your HOA board and property manager

2. Local Advertising
The other big deal that we’ve been working on is the new Sponsors section in the eNewsletter. We now offer the ability to advertise your business in eNeighbors neighborhoods.

For only $50 a month, you can place your ad in the newsletters that get emailed to our eNeighbors residents.

Here’s an example of the ad

For more details including discounted pricing options, a list of our neighborhoods, and the ad specs, please visit our Sponsors page.

If your neighborhood is not signed up with eNeighbors, find out how you can get your neighborhood online.