Should you discontinue your neighborhood’s paper newsletter?

Our customers are considering this question more and more as they look to save money and communicate more efficiently.


In an effort to answer this question in her own neighborhood, one savvy board member decided to find out the best course of action and asked residents what they prefer – receiving a printed monthly newsletter in the mail or receiving news via email.


I have republished the article below so you can hear from real residents that currently use eNeighbors and also receive a paper newsletter. After reading the comment string, please let us know your thoughts by commenting below.



March – “Chime In”

This month’s “Chime In” asks:


Would you rather get your newsletter via email or do you prefer receiving your printed monthly newsletter in the mail? What do you like, or dislike, about receiving it by email? What do you like, or dislike, about receiving the printed version by mail?


Here’s your chance to give us your opinion, so “Chime In”.


Submitted by: Deb M. – Communications Manager  Date: 02.26.09 | 10:26 AM



I like receiving the newsletter in the mail as my preference is to read information in print vs. on the computer.


Submitted by: Robert & Michele B. Date: 02.26.09 | 9:13 PM    



Hands down, getting the newsletter by e-mail is just the best. Receiving notifications weekly, easily being able to contact board members/neighbors, plus the savings in paper waste and postage, makes e-mailing the newsletter the most efficient way of communication. Weekly exposure keeps our neighborhood “tuned in”.


Submitted by: Karen and Dale U.  Date: 03.02.09 | 3:30 AM    



I would rather get the newsletter via email. Saves paper/trees and should save the home association money.


Submitted by: Dale R. Date: 03.02.09 | 5:49 AM    



I would prefer the newsletter via email, but how much revenue would we be losing from the ad space that is sold on the printed version?


Submitted by: Dave and Kim C. Date: 03.02.09 | 8:35 AM    



E-mail. Future is paperless. Money saved in printing & postage can be used in other areas plus you can always go back and retrieve past newsletters if need. Ads could still be sold and be displayed – just in electronic format.


Submitted by: Rob and Terrie D.  Date: 03.02.09 | 9:08 AM 



As a clarification, the advertising in the newsletter pays for all costs associated with the printed version…that includes production, printing & postage. So, in theory, there would be no savings of monies spent or earned that would be available for other expenditures by the homes association. However, several of you have made valid points regarding paper waste and retrieval of past issues. Although we might not be able to completely eliminate the printed version, we are looking at more effective means of delivering its contents. Thanks for the input!


Submitted by: Deb M. – Communications Manager  Date: 03.02.09 | 11:57 AM    



A personal note: I just was thinking about the beginnings of the newsletter. I was on the newsletter committee very early on. There were a few of us who would take turns doing the newsletter – Sometimes a very dreaded task. Different person, different formats. Delivery was by a volunteer on each block and hand delivered personally to each house, there were no addresses on them. It was truly an effort in neighborly-ness. Those on this committee were usually considered the ones to go to for any information, and it was frustrating when people wanted to locate past versions or who to call for renting the clubhouse, yard sale, etc. However, back to “modern times”, I applaud Deb M. with her efforts as the Communications Mgr. I still feel the electronic version is the way to go, but for those who want a printed version, maybe it could be sent on a less frequent schedule.


Submitted by: Karen and Dale U. Date: 03.03.09 | 1:18 AM    



Electronic would be great. I end up scanning over the paper one then throwing it in the recycling bin.


Submitted by: Brooke and Rich P. Date: 03.03.09 | 2:51 PM    



Thank you Karen & Dale, for your kind words. We will continue to find better ways and means to communicate…whether that be in print or electronic. Bring on SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!


Submitted by: Deb M.  – Communications Manager  Date: 03.03.09 | 11:48 PM