eNeighbors for free?

Neighborhoods now have the opportunity to offset the cost of their website by selling the sponsorship position on their public sign in page.

If you have a sponsor interested in advertising on your website, simply email us at ads@eneighbors.com with the following:

  1. Advertiser Contact Information
  2. Headline – maximum 25 characters
  3. Description Line 1 – maximum 35 characters
  4. Description Line 2 – maximum 35 characters
  5. Website URL: maximum 1024 characters

A sample ad is shown below:

Site Sponsor Example

For those neighborhoods that do not currently have a sponsor listed on your homepage, you may begin selling your space immediately. For those that currently have a sponsor listed, you will have to wait until the end of that sponsor’s current agreement before you can sell the position.

Below is an example of the sponsorship postion on the public sign in page:

Villas of St. Andrews

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