A new record: Monarch Hills reaches 98% registration rate

Monarch Hills is a community of 80 homes in Texas – 78 of those homes are now registered online for access to their private neighborhood website.

Registration to the website requires a unique PIN to join. This ensures that only residents are allowed access.

Recently, the Monarch Hills HOA President set a goal to get everyone in her community registered online. She sent me the following email last night:

“That leaves two people on this report. I’m very pleased – everyone is signed up except  these 2 households. [One] family do not speak English and do not wish to be on the system and the [other family] are an elderly couple and do not have a computer.  But all in all it has been great and we have really used eNeighbors alot lately with the conversion to our new gate access system.”

Other neighborhoods are close behind:

  • Wilshire Farms – 90% registered (159 homes )
  • Nottingham Forest South –  85% registered (585 homes)
  • LionsGate –  84% registered (592 homes)

Congratulations to Monarch Hills for reaching this incredible milestone.

More on our registration process is available at http://www.eneighbors.com/overview/how.html.

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