Goodbye, eNeighbors 1.0

When we first started buliding websites for neighborhoods we provided custom designed sites for each customer. We did this for our first 13 neighborhoods, but it quickly became unmanageable, which is why we decided to invest in a robust web application that could scale to support any number of neighborhoods and eNeighbors 2.0 was born.

Today, we say goodbye to the last eNeighbors 1.0 website. Arlington Park was our 4th neighborhood that we put online and they have now upgraded to eNeighbors 2.0. All 13 neighborhoods using our old websites have now completed the upgrade process.

I grabbed a screenshot of the old Arlington Park website just before taking it down today:

 Arlington Park Homepage

Now I get to take down that old server! Thanks to everyone who got us this far. We love you all.

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