One thought on “Office Space

  1. Looking at your Blog page archives, I see that, from inception of March 2007, the “communication” has declined significantly. Specifically,
    2008, 12 active months
    2009, 11 active months
    2010, 7 active months
    2011, 3 active months

    Were it not for your Oct 2012 announcement of moving into a “real office”, there would have been no posts either from eN HQ, or from clients during the past year. Comments from clients reading your blogs was 2 in 2010 (only 7 months active), and 3 comments in 2011 (3 months active). Is this the leadership style eN wants to convey to its clients?

    In January, 2012, I offered the following suggestions for site upgrading whereby eN might keep up with technology other sites offer.
    1) an option to review all individual posts made by clicking on that member’s name. Currently I believe the option is available to see only one’s own posts.

    2) when the gatekeeper privileges are allowed to a new member, the member has an option to select whether owner or renter. We want our renters to be able to read the community news but to exclude them from posting, since, technically, they aren’t association “members”. Once “admitted” there is no way to tell what “weight” to give to a POV. I think either a gatekeeper option to exclude renters from participation, or a way of differentiating them from owners, which could be as easy as either a font color or font type [and] would be an advantage for other posters as well.

    3) I suppose my next item of concern is a gatekeeper responsibility, but I allowed just last week a particular resident. After doing so and going into the directory I discovered it was her third request. Is it possible to [send] flags, since your system of assigning names to addresses as originally supplied to you three years ago has not caught others, either. That skews our percentages of registered residents, but believing eN was going away, doesn’t seem to be much reason to “rock the boat” by telling those residents their accounts would be deleted.

    A month later I presented another suggestion: “…on the Admin Tool, the option be allowed to make edits to a naming convention without deleting and reloading the document which changes the date it was first placed in the Resources section.”

    Your response was: “I added your email to our suggestion box. This is something that will likely be fixed in the upcoming upgrade this year.”

    The year 2012, eN communication regarding any service upgrade(s) was excruciatingly silent. You will remember that the HOA Board on which I served was ready to chuck eNeighbors, in their opinion, lacking value-to-expenditure dollar. It was a bookkeeping fluke (lack of communication) of the incoming Board president that allowed our residents continued access to eN. But once again, the wheels are turning that would discontinue the eN annual contract at renewal time.

    The only ace in the hole eN has, is the difficulty a subscriber would have in convincing its members to “switch horses” once they have an account set up with passwords, etc. and the likelihood that many would not “follow” to another website. I would have been willing to give eN the benefit of the doubt, had but a few upgrades been instituted. In this age of escalating technological advancements, I find it incomprehensible that a dot-com would not be able to figure out how to expand their services and grow the business. I hope you did not sign a long lease on your new office space.

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