eNeighbors Stats: 9/28 – 10/29

It’s been awhile since I provided some metrics on our usage and product adoption, so I thought I should give everyone a current snapshot of where we stand as we come up on the end of the year.

Overall, our numbers are still increasing, slowly but surely. We have signed up a bunch of new neighborhoods outside of our core customer base in Kansas City, so we are hoping for some viral effects to kick in outside of KC.

Traffic data:

71,715 page views
8,071 visits
4 minutes average visit duration

26 neighborhoods online

2,797 registered users at 2,628 unique addresses. We now have neighborhoods in Kansas, Missouri, Florida, Virginia, California, Texas and Arizona.

With 9,745 potential addresses in the neighborhoods that have signed up so far, we are at 27% adoption rate for our entire resident base.

The newsletter adoption rate is at 98% of our registered user base with only 34 residents (out of 2,797) opting out of receiving the email newsletter.

Total user-generated content since launch (about 7 months):

News posts: 552
Events: 260
Groups: 60
Classifieds: 496

3 thoughts on “eNeighbors Stats: 9/28 – 10/29

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  2. A little bit of unsolicited feedback here….

    If you didn’t require someone to request a demo, maybe those numbers would be higher? I don’t want to sit on the phone with a salesperson or manager of any kind – I want to dive in myself, take it for a test drive, then decide whether or not it’s worth spending money on.

    Where’s a faux neighborhood walkthru? I see no indication as to the availability of on-demand RSS or email notifications, email discussion lists, syndicated iCal/vCal support… photo uploads? Flickr / Webshots / Kodak integration? Video embed support?

    I have to pick up the phone or fill out a form to find out?

    If you want “viral”, you have to create something that is “viral” worthy. There’s nothing “viral” about eNeighbors. You want to drive adoption, but you’ll only do that if you’re putting your product in the hands of people who love talking about the things they’re doing – bloggers.

    Where’s your blogger outreach here? A blog on WordPress.com? I’m not trying to be cynical, but I had no idea eNeighbors even existed until I did some wacky search on Google and stumbled into FatDoor reviews that listed you as a competitor. I knew about FatDoor already, and.. it’s model doesn’t fit a neighborhood’s true needs.

    If you’re trying to stay under the radar, you’re doing well. If you’re trying to build a user base, you’re not talking to the right people (nor are you making it easy for them) yet.

  3. Chris –
    You can access the demo site by entering 12345 as the zip code on the home page. Choose the “eNeighbors Demo” neighborhood. The email address and the password are listed on the right side of the following screen that will allow you take a look around.

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