Lost dogs and neighborhood social networking

Last night, a small Sheltie was lost in LionsGate, a neighborhood of 582 homes in southern Overland Park, Kansas. Unsure of what to do to locate the owner, the neighbor who found the dog decided to post a bulletin on the neighborhood website at 11:24am this morning and due to the urgent nature of the request an email was immediately sent to the 533 residents that are signed up to receive email alerts from eNeighbors.

At 1:39pm or 2 hours and 15 minutes later, we received the following email:

Subject: Dog safe at home 

Thanks to our great neighbors and community of Lionsgate, the dog is home with owners. The email system works, thanks for sending it out so quickly.

-M. Kurtz

This is a great example of how an online neighborhood social network can leverage the power of the community to help the community and its residents.