eNeighbors Stats: 12/16 – 01/15

eNeighbors closed out the year with some great progress. We signed up 6 new neighborhoods in the last couple months of 2007. Subsequently, our traffic has increased and is continuing to climb every month. So, here’s to a great year in 2008. Happy New Year everyone!

Traffic data:

94,806 page views
10,469 visits
5 minutes average visit duration

32 neighborhoods online. We have neighborhoods in Kansas, Missouri, Florida, Virginia, California, Texas and Arizona.

3,935 registered users at 3,705 unique addresses.

With 11,137 potential addresses in the neighborhoods that have signed up so far, we are at 33% adoption rate for our entire resident base.

The newsletter adoption rate is at 99% of our registered user base with only 40 residents (out of 3,935) opting out of receiving the email newsletter.

Total user-generated content since launch (about 9 months):

News posts: 869
Events: 379
Groups: 108
Classifieds: 618

Also, here’s the support stats for 2007. We received and replied to a total of 1,427 support requests from 3/1/2007 to 1/16/2008.

Support Requests Breakdown:
929 PIN requests
129 new resident requests (add a new neighbor)
369 general support requests

Help us continue to grow. Tell your friends about eNeighbors. And get your neighborhood signed up too.

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