Why do neighborhoods switch to eNeighbors?

We’ve seen an increase in the number of clients switching from other website providers to eNeighbors. During the sales cycle, I’ve had the opportunity to ask them why they are considering switching to us. I have complied the responses in my own words below.

  1. “I’m leaving the board, and I want a website that will work without me”– This is by far the most common reason that I hear. It seems that many board members realize that their website won’t work without them managing, updating, and supporting it. eNeighbors is attractive because we manage your website for you and we offer support to each and every resident. Most importantly, every resident can contribute their own news, events, groups or classifieds, so information flow is not dependent on a single board member posting information. In other words, we have no “board dependencies” and will work as board members come and go.
  2. “No one has registered on our current website”– This is the most important reason to switch in my mind. Many website providers simply build a website and walk away. They have no process for getting the majority of your residents registered. eNeighbors has a proven registration process in place that will get at least 50% of your community registered. One community got 98% of their community registered. Vist our website for more information on our registration process.
  3. “No one visits our current website” – Actually, this may be the most important reason to switch. After you get people registered on the website, how do you get them to keep coming back? eNeighbors is the only website provider with automatic email newsletters that compile all the information that was contributed to your neighborhood website and sends it out in a weekly email to all registered residents. This keeps people tuned in and actively participating.
  4. “We are getting nickel and dimed”– Many website providers have complex pricing models that charge for storage space, domain name registration, setup fees, email accounts, support calls, so and and so forth. eNeighbors is simple, you get everything we have to offer for one price and no other fees.
  5. “Our ‘guy’ won’t return our calls or emails”– There is nothing more frustrating than this. You’re trying to update your website, ask a question or just get some help and your website provider is no where to be found. eNeighbors is committed to responding to every request from you within 48 hours.
  6. “A resident posted offensive information on the website and we can’t take it down”– This one  happened last week. I received a phone call from a property manager who was in a panic because she had a neighborhood who was using a different website provider. Apparently, one of their residents had posted some nasty (and untrue) information about a board member and they were not able to remove the information. As a result, they decided to switch to eNeighbors for greater control over the information that was posted.

For more information on why people choose eNeighbors, visit http://www.eneighbors.com/overview/why.html.

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