Email Newsletter: Groups

I get a lot of email from customers that ask how we determine what Groups are included in the email newsletter so I thought I’d write a post to clear things up.

Groups are ordered by the number of members that the group has. So the more people that join a group, the higher that group will be in the list. It is setup to reward people who promote their Groups effectively in addition to making it easier to access the most popular Groups.

The second rule is that only first 10 Groups will be displayed. If there are more than 10 groups, you have to go to the “Groups” page on the website to view them.

The screenshot below is of an email newsletter from Spruce Creek South. They have 61 groups listed on their site, but as you can see, only the first 10 are listed. The Group listed at the top has the most members with 64 members. The Group listed second has 40 members, the Group listed third has 20 members, and so on and so forth.


If your Group is not showing up in the email newsletter reach out to your neighbors via email or the next time that you see them and tell them about your Group. This will increase you chances of being included in the email newsletter.

Perhaps the best way to promote your Group is by posting a news article and ask people to join. As shown in the screenshot above, news articles are given the highest visibility at the top of the email and are a very effective way of reaching people in your neighborhood.

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