LionsGate Neighborhood Survey Results

The LionsGate Homeowners Association Board of Directors recently asked their residents to complete an online survey to help them to better understand what their residents are thinking. LionsGate is a community of nearly 600 homes in Overland Park, Kansas, 500 of which are registered on their eNeighbors website. The survey was distributed via eNeighbors and they received 296 responses.

From Mark Spraetz, LionsGate Board President:

“Suffice to say, we were very pleased by the level of response. Most surveys, on line or otherwise, generate a marginal response rate so achieving a 50%+ level shows a high level of on-line engagement within our community. There are many survey tools on the web that are very affordable and will generate a link that you can publicize easily with a “bulletin announcement” via your website service. We tried a variety of questioning formats and learned that some worked better than others so future surveys can yield even better results. There was an open ended option so residents gave us free-form feedback on a couple issues that we did not include [for a variety of reasons] when we published the results but many of those comments gave great perspective, too. I would encourage any Board looking to poll their community to think about this approach; easy and affordable and the tabulation and reporting was all handled by the survey service…just had to log in…”

If you are a board member on your HOA you will find the survey results interesting and perhaps even helpful.

Download full survey results (PDF)

One thought on “LionsGate Neighborhood Survey Results

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