Content moderation is off! (I love it)

I have recommended to board members in the past that they do NOT use a feature of our website called “Content Moderation”, which allows a board member to moderate (review) postings by residents and approve them before they are published on the site. My basic premise is that moderation bottle-necks communication and discourages residents from posting.

I know, I can hear it now, “You built a feature that you recommend people don’t use?” Yes, we did because content moderation has it’s place, but it should never be the default.

Jon Bevan, the new Communications Director for the Links at LionsGate neighborhood made the decision to turn content moderation off for his site. (See screenshot below.) If you are still using content moderation, consider following Jon’s lead and turn it off.

To turn off content moderation on your site, sign in, click “Go To Admin Tool”, scroll down to the “Content Review” section and uncheck any boxes that are already checked. Then click “Save Changes”.