New Homepage Deconstructed

We set out to improve the homepage in the following ways:

  1. Make it easier/quicker to sign in
    • We added a sign in module to the homepage in the upper-right hand corner. When you first load the page the cursor defaults to the email address field so you can just start typing.
    • We added a “Keep me signed in” check box. When you check this box, you won’t have to sign in when you come back to the site, unless of course, you click the “Sign Out” link or remove cookies from your computer
    • We increased the visibility of the “Forgot your password?” link so if you forget your password or it doesn’t seem to be working, you know how to quickly reset it
  2. Make it easier to find neighborhoods
    • Before, you could only search by ZIP code, but what if you don’t know the ZIP code or you would rather search by name. Now you can search by neighborhood name. Give it a try. Go to and search for “Nottingham”.
    • Expanded the search box, put it in the center of the page
  3. Make it clear as to what eNeighbors does, in one sentence
    • Added short value proposition statement “eNeighbors connects you with your community.”
  4. Help first time users get to the sign up form
    • Added text near the sign in module with a link to Sign Up form
    • Added large call-out for users who received a PIN in the mail
  5. Make it more inviting
    • Added “Featured Neighborhoods” section to showcase neighborhood entrance photos, which gives it a more neighborhood feel
  6. Make it easier to read
    • We increased the page width and font size across the board

We wanted to do all this but at the same time, keep the design consistent with our old design so users would feel that it was familiar. One final note, we also added a link to “Email Support” in the footer of every page so users would be able to reach us quickly.

New and old homepage screenshots for comparison are below.





We’re back

It took a little longer than expected, but the site is now back up and running as of 3:34AM CT. (I blame the delay on Friday the 13th.) In any event, you can check it out at We gave the site a good “once-over” but we’ll still need to fix bugs over the next several days. If you find anything, please email us at

A few notes:

  1. The daily newsletter for today did not go out. We might push it out manually later this morning so you don’t miss it.
  2. Property managers can no longer sign in through the admin page. This is a good thing though, because you can now sign in just like residents. The easiest way for everyone to sign in is to simply go to the homepage at
  3. Some of the neighborhood photos are fuzzy because we don’t have large versions of them to fit the new 400px by 335px format. All you have to do to fix this is to upload the original photo through your admin tool or email us with your photo and we’ll do it for you.

I will follow-up this weekend with more posts to the blog about some of the new features and how to take advantage of them.