eNeighbors Customer Review

When considering our service, many board members ask for references from our current customers. Recently, one customer took the time to put together a review of our services. The following is an unedited email from Trudy Moffitt (Nottingham by the Green) to a board member from another neighborhood currently considering our website for their community.

Hi Miles,

As Dan stated, I am on the Board of Directors for Nottingham by the Green/Knightsbrooke subdivision with 733 homes in south Overland Park, Kansas. Prior to joining eNeighbors, we had another website that had limited features, and most of the content was managed through a third party making it very cumbersome to use for timely neighborhood communication.  We truly needed a better communication vehicle with our residents and eNeighbors provided the optimal solution. Not only can the board directly communicate to our residents, our residents can communicate with the board and with other residents. 

The fact that residents actually post their own news articles and classified ads, and freely communicate to the board through the Community Feedback feature is testimony that the eNeighbors website is very user-friendly.   eNeighbors website also requires very little maintenance/monitoring which is an important feature considering our HOA Board of Directors is comprised of elected volunteers and not paid positions. 

The responsiveness of eNeighbors to any questions, concerns, and suggestions for improvements is truly phenomenal, not only when we first joined but throughout our 2 ½ years association.   They are dedicated to providing a superior website which is evident by the numerous enhancements they have made over the years.   

Speaking on behalf of our board and residents, we have been very pleased with the eNeighbors website.  Feel free to call me at [removed] any time if you have any specific questions that I can address about our experience with eNeighbors, their website features, or our start-up process or experience.   Best wishes as you assess your website considerations.

Trudy Moffitt

HOA Board of Directors

Nottingham by the Green/Knightsbrooke

2 thoughts on “eNeighbors Customer Review

  1. Living in an HOA with 600 residents, I am curious how those with members in excess of 500 or so are able to hold meetings where voting requires a quorum. Although the bylaws state a quorum must be present, our HOA has conducted business, voting, amendments, etc., for years without one.

    Also, I’d like to say that, contrary to the 40 years average existence of the HOA, a statement I’ve read elsewhere on this site, our neighborhood HOA was established in 1939, making it 71 years old!

  2. Hi Georgia – I’m not a lawyer, but in my experience a quorum (majority of Directors) is required for all meetings of the board. Most HOAs struggle to reach a quorum (majority of Members) for their annual meetings. Large communities rely heavily on mailed proxies.

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