My favorite entrance monument photos

I always encourage customers to upload a photo of their neighborhood entrance monument to their eNeighbors website. Over time, we’ve collected a lot of great photos. Here’s my top 10 favorite neighborhood entrance monument photos of 2010, starting with #10.

10. WhiteHorse

9. Parkhill Manor

8. Highlands Ranch

7. Nottingham by the Green / Knightsbrooke

6. Forest View

5. Arlington Park

4. Nottingham Forest South

3. LionsGate

2. Western Auto Lofts (This one is sitting on top of a building)

1. Coffee Creek Crossing

Are paper directories going away?

As we embark on the new year I’ve noticed that a lot of HOAs are looking for ways to save money. As I’ve mentioned before, the number one way that we save HOAs money is by replacing their paper newsletter, but more recently, it seems that HOAs are reconsidering their paper directory too.

Most paper directories are actually distributed free of charge in exchange for the right to sell advertising. However, advertising is shrinking for many companies in the “paper medium” and it seems that neighborhood directories are also feeling the squeeze, so they are scrambling to change their business model from free to subscription. To avoid this new fee, many HOAs are simply relying on their online resident directory with eNeighbors.

What is your neighborhood doing? Do you have a paper directory? Are you keeping it? Please comment below.

Here’s an example from one community: