New Record: 16,000 registered homes on eNeighbors

I’m excited to announce that eNeighbors has reached a new milestone today – 16,000 homes are now registered to use our service across 85 neighborhoods. This means that there is at least one registered user (homeowner) in 16,000 homes in the neighborhoods that we serve. To put this in perspective, we’re getting close to filling Kemper Arena (Kansas City reference). Next, we’re gunning for Arrowhead Stadium.

From those 16,000 homes there are 17,728 registered users (some homes have multiple users).

In total, there are 31,191 homes that are currently eligible to use our service, which means that in aggregate, 51% of eligible homes are now registered.

Here are some of our best neighborhoods, in no particular order:

  1. Nottingham Forest South – 583 homes, 526 are registered, 649 residents registered
  2. Hampton Place – 462 homes, 345 are registered, 383 residents registered
  3. Communities of North Brook – 894 homes, 625 are registered, 681 residents registered
  4. Nottingham by the Green – 733 homes, 495 are registered, 567 residents registered
  5. Riss Lake – 728 homes, 561 are registered, 640 registered residents

I want to say thank you to my team for getting us to this point: Natasha Stock, Dan Stock, Shelly Stock, Phil Freund, and Kim Goings.

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