eNeighbors: High Relevancy

Transparent Real Estate has a good post on hyperlocal websites as it relates to the real estate industry.

To sum it up, eNeighbors has the most highly relevant user-base to which a realtor can advertise.

Let me stress that eNeighbors is not a tool for realtors. Our customers are neighborhoods and their residents. Of course, that’s what makes us such a desirable target for realtors.

I’ve had several realtors ask me if they can pay for their neighborhood to get an eNeighbors website and my answer is always no. In order for a neighborhood website to be of value, we must establish a relationship with the board of directors or other neighborhood leadership.

However, if you’re a realtor and you want to get your neighborhood online. I would suggest that you email the board president and let them know about eNeighbors. Ask them to consider it at their next board meeting and forward them the eNeighbors website address – www.eNeighbors.com for more information.

Once the neighborhood is online, you can advertise for free in the classified section if you’re a resident. You can also sponsor the website to maximize your exposure whether you’re a resident or not.

eNeighbors Features: News

The “news” feature is next up in my profile of eNeighbors’ services. Everyone likes to be informed, and we use CNN, Yahoo and MSN to keep up on all the world, national and even city-level news, but what about the news that’s happening in your own back yard, literally.

The News feature is the most versatile of the communication tools. You can use it to alert the community to upcoming events, post details about neighborhood activity, remind residents of safety protocols, or simply use it to start an online conversation.

1. Anyone can post a News item.

2. Anyone can leave a comment on the posted News item (this helps to generate an online discussion by allowing real-time feedback).

3. The top 3 most recent News items appear on the Home page.

4. When you post a News item, it is viewable by anyone in your neighborhood that has registered on the website.

5. Finally, each News item is automatically put into the eNewsletter and sent to every neighbor that has chosen to receive the newsletter either daily, weekly, or monthly.

Contact us today to get more info on signing up your neighborhood for eNeighbors