eNeighbors Stats: 5/15 – 6/13

We are showing excellent positive growth patterns, and we continue to get positive feedback from our customers on how much they love using the tool, and how it makes communicating with their neighbors so easy.

Traffic data:

69,847 page views – 27% increase (over last 30 days)
7,482 visits – 36% increase (over last 30 days)
5 minutes avg visit duration – 5% increase (over last 30 days)

17 neighborhoods online
1,708 registered users at 1608 unique addresses

With 6,659 potential addresses in the neighborhoods that have signed up so far, we are at 24% adoption rate for our entire resident base.

The newsletter adoption rate is holding true as well with only 12 residents (out of 1708) opting out of receiving the email newsletter.

Total user-generated content since launch (about 3 months):

News posts: 198
Events: 124
Groups: 41
Classifieds: 259

Keep in mind that some of these neighborhoods have only been using their site for less than a month so far.

Overall, we are in really good shape. If we hit our goal of 50+ neighborhoods by the end of the year, we could easily be at 700,000 page views per month from 15,000 registered users in early 2008.

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