Build or buy?

Someone asked me why they should subscribe to eNeighbors instead of building their own neighborhood website. I get this a lot, so I thought it made sense to publish it here.

Here’s why you should subscribe to eNeighbors, instead of building your own neighborhood website:

  1. Permanence – Even if you have the technical expertise to build your own website, what happens when you move? eNeighbors will always be there to support your neighborhood.
  2. Updates – eNeighbors continually makes improvements to its product. Subscribing to eNeighbors ensures that you get the latest and greatest.
  3. Convenience – Why hassel with hosting, domain name registration, backup, and security? Let us do the work for you.
  4. Support – We provide e-mail support for your entire neighborhood.
  5. Savings – For $82.99/mo. you get access to a proven product with a robust feature set, world-class email support for every resident of your neighborhood, and you can reduce the cost of neighborhood communication by eliminating your costly newsletter.
  6. Registration – Building a website is one thing, getting the neighbors to use it is another. Our registration process will get the majority of your neighborhood online.
  7. Certainty – eNeighbors has a proven product with a tested user-interface. You know exactly how much it will cost and that it will work.
  8. Money Back Guarantee – We’ve never had to refund a client yet, but if you aren’t completely satisfied with eNeighbors, we’ll refund your money in the first 30 days of use.
  9. Why wait? – eNeighbors can have your site up within 5 days. Building your own site will take months.
  10. The Network – When you sign up with eNeighbors, you join a network of other neighborhoods that also use our service. Our customers provide us with valuable suggestions that you can take advantage of. For example, one person told us they want the ability to post classifieds in other neighborhoods. Great idea.

Ultimately, eNeighbors is more than a website, it’s a communication solution for your neighborhood. Does your neighborhood really need website? Not really. You need better communication.

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