HOA Property Managers

We work with a dozen or so property management companies like Curry Association Management, The Neighborhood Group, and Centennial Management to help the HOAs that they manage communicate better by using our online tool.

One property manager explained to me that they have a hard time defining the benefits of eNeighbors to their new boards. If they’re running into trouble, you may be too. My recommendation is to (1) download our PDF brochure to hand out, (2) complete this form to send an email to your board, and/or (3) give me a call.

If you’re a property manager, and would like our help, just give me a call at 303-551-0652 or email me at chris [dot] stock [at] eneighbors [dot] com. I’ll be more than happy to walk you through any questions that you may have. If I’m in your area, I can also come out to do a presentation to your board.

Oh, by the way, the benefits of our service aren’t just for the HOA. Property managers benefit as well. It was explained to me that newsletters (especially classifieds) are one of the biggest consumptions of time for some property managers. With eNeighbors, you can tell residents to simply “go to the website” to post your classified or submit your news article.

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