eNeighbors Stats: 6/18 – 7/17

We keep growing. As I mentioned on Monday, the classifieds feature is showing more and more popularity.

Traffic data:

82,662 page views – 18% increase (over last 30 days)
8,779 visits – 17% increase (over last 30 days)
5 minutes avg visit duration – 0% increase (over last 30 days)

18 neighborhoods online
2,115 registered users at 1999 unique addresses. All of these homes are in the Kansas City area except for one neighborhood in Fort Worth, TX and one in Napa, CA.

With 6,844 potential addresses in the neighborhoods that have signed up so far, we are at 29% adoption rate for our entire resident base.

The newsletter adoption rate is holding true as well with only 16 residents (out of 2,115) opting out of receiving the email newsletter.

That means 2,099 home owners are getting a weekly newsletter from eNeighbors that summarizes the activity in their neighborhood… sit back and think about that for a second.

Total user-generated content since launch (about 4 months):

News posts: 289
Events: 155
Groups: 54
Classifieds: 328

Help us continue to grow. Tell your friends about eNeighbors. And get your neighborhood signed up too.