eNeighbors Suggestion Box

Below are a few of the suggestions that we’ve received from our users in the last couple of weeks. If you want to add your 2 cents, feel free to make a note in the comments at the end of the blog. I also created a new email address specifically for suggestions. So, if you have a suggestion you can email us at suggestions [at] eneighbors [dot] com. (Note: These are unedited, but excerpted.)

Suggestion: Add number of comments to top of news articles

“Add this to my wish list for eNeighbors design enhancements.  The ‘News’ feature, as noted, has a lot of potential as an interactive discussion forum.  As such, this is a valuable community building feature. Unfortunately when you look at the list of news topics, there is no immediate way to see if there have been NEW comments without clicking to open the news item.”

Suggestion: Increase character limitation on comments

“Don’t like the fact that I have only 500 characters to respond to postings.  Not near enough to promote discussion.”

Suggestion: Increase the photo size for classifieds

“Is there some way I can get a larger, proportional image? If not, is there any way people can post useful images in a space like that or do you find that size works for most needs? I see bigger ones in the News demo on your site?

Suggestion: Include property manager in bulletin distribution

“We would like to include our property manager on bulletin distributions through the Northbrook eneighbors website. This will keep him aware of what communication is being sent to homeowners so that he can be prepared to answer phones calls that come in regarding the bulletins. ”

Suggestion: View entire neighborhood directory online (or PDF download)

“Had a neighbor asking how to view the entire resident directory online.  i don’t see a way to do so.  perhaps another enhancement for a future version.  this way folks could print it if they’d like to.”