Board Members: Upload a photo of your neighborhood

We are now utilizing a larger photo (450 pixels wide by 335 pixels high) on your public neighborhood page to showcase your neighborhood. We are also displaying them on our homepage and on our search results page.

To see your photo, go to and search for your neighborhood. Click your neighborhood name to see your page.

  • If you see a photo of clouds, that is the default photo and you have not uploaded a photo yet
  • If you see a fuzzy photo, this means that we are using the photo from your “old” site that needs to be re-uploaded
  • If you see a clear photo that you like, then no action is necessary

To upload a new photo, sign in to your account, click “Go To Admin Tool”, click the “Browse…” button next to “Neighborhood Photo” to select a photo off of your computer. Click “Open” and finally, click “Save Changes” all the way at the bottom of the page.

Screenshot of public neighborhood page with default photo of clouds:


Screenshot of public neighborhood page with photo of entrance monument:


Screenshot of search results for “nottingham”:


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