Make a map of registered users

I recently discovered a free and valuable service called BatchGeoCode – an awesome website that will take your address data and plot it on a map.

We’ve used it a couple of times now to show customers what homes are registered in their neighborhood. For example, see a map of all 529 registered homes in Nottingham Forest South.

If you’re a board member or property manager and your neighborhood is using eNeighbors, you can create a map of registered homes (or non-registered homes) too. Here are the steps:

  1. Sign in to your eNeighbors Account at
  2. Click “Go To Admin Tool” (only available for board members and property managers)
  3. Click “Reports”
  4. To create a map of Registered Homes click “Registered Homes” to download a spreadsheet of all registered homes
  5. To create a map of Non-Registered Homes click “Non-Registered Homes” to download a spreadsheet of all non-registered homes
  6. Go to and follow the instructions to create your map

Please email us at if you need help with For help with BatchGeoCode, visit their video tutorials page.

4 thoughts on “Make a map of registered users

  1. Wish the plain ol’ residents could use this feature too! My board mixes up the stats that registered users equals # of homes and since the number of users is close to the 270 homes that they no longer have to do mailings and can strictly use this site for communication of important topics and events.

    Since access is restricted to board members and property managers, can you please advise me how many of the 270 homes in Steeplechase have at least one registered user? Would you consider providing me a list of addresses that do not have any registered users?

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