The Edge of Greatness

Over the weekend, Perry Evans of evans ink posted an interesting insight into what he calls “conversational commerce.” The basic premise is that small business owners need to leverage the growing consumer participation on the internet in the ever-expanding world of social network sites to create connections to their local services.

He mentions ServiceMagic’s efforts to create some of these connections, but indicates that otherwise there are not any real superstars in this field yet.

Here’s my favorite quote:
The chasm between potential and reality is still huge and the ‘live web’ is a truly compelling blank slate.

Now I’m not sure if this makes me nervous or extremely excited. eNeighbors is trying to do this exact thing.

First and foremost, we provide a unique communcations platform for neighborhoods, but a close second is the goal to create a local ad platform for highly focused local service providers.

So, either we are on the edge of greatness, or we are headed down an ill-fated path littered with the remains of our failed predecessors.

No pressure.


Read Evans’ entire post here