eNeighbors Stats

We’ve been up and running with our beta application for about 2 months now, so I thought I’d share some stats with you. So far, traction is good, and the activity trending is very promising.

15 neighborhoods online
1222 registered users at 1157 unique addresses

Most of these communities have only been active for a few weeks. So far, our adoption rate is about 20% which is right on track with what we’ve seen in the past. It usually takes about 2-3 months to get to an average of 60-80% of a neighborhood online.

These neighborhoods are already posting some impressive traffic patterns:

Reporting period 4/12 – 5/11:
5,500 visits
55,000 page views
4.75 minutes average visit duration

Even more impressive, out of 1222 registered users, only 7 have opted to not receive our eNewsletter.

All of these data points reaffirm our assumptions: we have a uniquely captured audience that perceives great value from our service.

Have a great weekend! It’s beautiful outside (at least in Kansas City, anyway).