Happy Birthday Phil!

Phil is part of the founding team at eNeighbors. He has dedicated every spare moment of his time passionately pursuing the eNeighbors vision.

I have known Phil for the better part of 9 years and during that time I have worked for him and with him on a number of projects, from Sprint, to our web development company, and now eNeighbors.

What impresses me most about Phil his is intellect, work ethic, and incredible ability to communicate complex concepts to anyone. Most people see Phil’s talent in the design work that he does…you can quickly assess his capabilities as a designer simply by looking at his work. But once you get to know Phil as I have, you learn that his talent goes far beyond what you see on the screen.

Phil’s contribution to eNeighbors is immeasurable, and I am grateful for having him along for the amazing ride of entrepreneurship with all it’s ups and downs. There’s nothing like sharing in the struggle of pursuing a common dream.

Take a night off and have a happy birthday Phil. (No conference calls tonight!)