eNeighbors Preferences

You can now opt-out of receiving Community Feedback or Architectural Change Requests from your eNeighbors Profile. This update only applies to board members. To change your preferences, sign in, click on the Edit button above your profile, click Email Subscriptions, and select the appropriate radio buttons to opt-in or out of receiving Community Feedback or Architectural Change Requests.


Fatdoor Goes Alpha

fatdoor has launched in alpha mode (SF Bay area only for now).

In a very high-level sense, fatdoor is a new social network focused on localness and aims to have direct ties to the physical community in addition to the online nature of the network.

Per Greg Sterling’s blog, Raj Abhyanker of fatdoor indicates that their goal is to connect neighbors to each other specifically around things like local community, schools and families.

I applaud fatdoor in their efforts. Here at eNeighbors, we are attempting something similar — eNeighbors’ focus is connecting neighbors in their community and offering new ways to more effectively communicate with each other.

The move of social networks to the local level is a great thing to see. Relevance of information and community is starting to grow, and for adults who have little time on their hands to spend online, services like fatdoor will provide a great way to keep in touch with their community.