New Feature: Comment Notifications

We haven’t even finished the coding on this one yet but Kim (our coding rock star and secret weapon) tells me that she’ll have it ready for tomorrow’s upgrade. I’m really excited to see how this feature in particular increases participation from residents.


  • If you post a news article or make a comment on a news article, you will be automatically notified via email when someone else makes a comment to that same article
  • If you don’t want to receive these notifications you can just check they box that says “Do not send me comment notifications” when you post a comment
  • Every notification will have a link to stop that notification right in the email

Many of us have become accustom to these types of notifications. If you use WordPress (like this blog) or Facebook, then you know how this works. However, one cool thing that we are adding is the ability to follow the comments to an article even if you haven’t commented.

At the top of every comment list will be a link that says, “Follow comments to this article”. When you click it, you will receive an email when a new comment is made.

I believe that this will increase participation from residents and keep important neighborhood discussions going.

Screenshot below:


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