New Feature: Multiple Neighborhood Support

Believe it or not, many of our users need access to more than one neighborhood website. Like who, you ask?

  1. Landlords who live in one neighborhood but have rental properties in another
  2. Property managers who live in one neighborhood and manage 10 more.
  3. Developers who want to keep tabs on all their neighborhood developments.
  4. People with multiple homes, like a vacation home.
  5. Government officials like city council members who want guest access to the neighborhoods in their ward.
  6. Police officers who want to publish bulletins to specific neighborhoods within their districts.

I’m sure there are more examples, but we run into it more than you might think. And now, I am pleased to announce that you can manage all of your neighborhoods from a new page called “My Neighborhoods” with one account.

My Neighborhoods serves two basic purposes: (1) it allows you to navigate or toggle between the various neighborhoods that you have access to and (2) it allows you to manage the settings for each neighborhood. You can also search for new neighborhoods to join from this page. Like the other features that I’m announcing today, this will be available on Friday, November 13th.

(NOTE to current users: If you are currently maintaining multiple accounts and you want to merge them, send an email to with the email addresses that you use to access your accounts and we will merge them for you.)

Screenshot of new “My Neighborhoods” page is below:

My Neighborhoods (eNeighbors)

3 thoughts on “New Feature: Multiple Neighborhood Support

  1. My husband and I have recently retired–earlier than hoped. We are trying to sell out house in the coves and move to Arkansas where we have a contingent contract on another house. Our Coves house is being handled by reece nichols but we are on a culdesac and the house is hard to notice. Would you be willing to let us adverstise the sale of 4600 N.W. 83rd St. on your coves pages somewhere?

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Cathryn and Paul Boring
    816 746 9342

  2. Please let me know if we can advertise our house in the coves for sale/It is at 4600 N.W. 83rd St. New siding and Timberline Roof. We have had to retire early and need to move as soon as possible

    Cathy Boring

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