Upgrade: New Registration Process Explained

The current registration process for eNeighbors aims to limit access to our neighborhood sites to residents only. This ensures that your neighborhood website is kept private and secure and you can share information freely, without being concerned that the “whole world” will see it.

To accomplish this we currently assign 4 digit PINs or Personal Identification Numbers to each resident and street address in your neighborhood. Then, we send this number to all residents in the mail. When you attempt to register on eNeighbors, you are asked to enter both your last name and PIN, which is then associated with your street address. If the combination of your last name and PIN is correct, you are allowed to register. This process works perfectly at limiting access to residents; however, there are two issues: (1) it places a burden on property managers to keep their database of new residents current with us and (2) it makes it difficult to register for users who don’t have their PIN readily available.

To alleviate these two problems while still maintaining our ability to limit access to residents only, we are removing the last name requirement so property managers don’t have to send us new resident notifications and we are allowing users to register using their street address if they do not have their PIN readily available.

As a result of these changes, a new role has been created called the “Gatekeeper”. The Gatekeeper can be any resident, board member or property manager who will approve access requests for residents registering by using their street address instead of their PIN. If no gatekeeper is identified, the request will be routed to eNeighbors for review.

These changes to the registration process will be in place after Friday, November 13th, 2009.

As always, if you have any questions, send an email to us at support [at] eneighbors [dot] com or leave a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Upgrade: New Registration Process Explained

  1. Chris,
    I will be gatekeeper for Stonebridge Estates since I keep track of real estate transfers in our association and maintain the most current list of residents.



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