Local Advertising & Local Content

The “Drilling Down on Local 2007” conference sponsored by The Kelsey Group finished up in Santa Clara a couple weeks ago.

Hilary Schneider of Yahoo was one of the keynote speakers presenting Yahoo’s efforts in the local advertising space. She stresses that the demand for local search is growing each year and the potential ad revenue is in the billions.

Additionally, Peter Horan, the CEO of IAC Media & Advertising, also discussed the local opportunities. Specifically, he mentions integrating professionally produced content with user generated content in an effort to capture the user’s attention in their search for local service information.

This integration of content at the local level from a trusted source that is targeted to a hyper-local audience is the exact model that eNeighbors hopes to drive. Imagine having a prescreened roofer or plumber advertise on your local neighborhood website right where you already read the latest news about your community. The local service providers can start coming to you rather than you searching them out. And it’s all done in a subtle, approachable way that is not “in your face” with sales pitches.

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