The Neighborhood Champion

There’s always that one person in every neighborhood. You may not know them personally, but it’s likely that you’ve benefited from the time and effort that they put into your community.

I’m talking about the person who plans the annual garage sale, organizes the progressive dinner, gets the kids together for the pool party, publishes the neighborhood newsletter, and may even call you for a donation for the neighborhood swim team.

As you might imagine, I love working with these people. At some point, I’m almost always in contact with the “neighborhood champion” in every community that uses our services.

If you sit on the board of directors in your neighborhood and you don’t know who your neighborhood champion is, I implore you to recruit them immediately. The energy that they bring is overwhelming and will be amplified with the support of the board of directors.

Neighborhood champions are so important because they bring the community together through constant communication. They spend hours in Microsoft Publisher creating flyers and newsletters in hopes that they can get a few more people to come to the Fall Bash.

I was talking with a neighborhood champion today who explained to me how eNeighbors acts like a neighborhood champion, which got me to thinking about the similarities between eNeighbors and the neighborhood champion:

  1. eNeighbors constantly communicates with the neighborhood by automatically sending out weekly eNewsletters via email. Neighborhood champions constantly communicate by sending out paper newsletters.
  2. eNeighbors promotes and organizes social events online and even accepts RSVPs. Neighborhood champions organize social events by printing flyers and making phone calls.
  3. eNeighbors forms social groups like bunko clubs, playgroups and poker games. Neighborhood champions form social groups too, it just takes a little more effort.

Whether you have a neighborhood champion or not, eNeighbors can help keep your neighborhood connected. If you’re interested in seeing more, Request a Demo today.

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